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Organic Detox Facial:
For all skin types. Skin is prepped with steam and hot towel, then one of our all-natural organic facial cleansers is used, depending on your skin type. The bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar mask are applied and left on for 15 minutes. feel the mask working,pulsating,drawing out toxins,oils,dirt out of the pores. Mask is removed with exfoliation and hot towels. witch hazel toner applied. ends with Gavin grooming turmeric golden glow or anti-age oil face massage. 45–60-minute service.
Pedicure- We use our own organic and handmade foot products, starting with a detox foot soak, attention to cuticles, nail trimming, callus removal, sugar scrub and foot massage with our healing foot oil. This is not just a service but a spiritual ritual that we are inspired by Yeshua.
Healing starts with Detox! let us help you do a parasite detox and eliminate the bad parasites linked to numerous health issues.

We have products to help get you started, teas,tinctures,supplements and food recommendations. Fasting is the best way but we have different programs to help you with detox and eliminating bag parasites and toxins that will work for you and help you live a healthier lifestyle. 
This program is for members of the body of Christ, and if you aren't a member we can help you become one. Faith based.
Lingam Steaming:
practical,non invasive treatment that can relieve pain,expel toxins,clean and purify the anal canal, the prostate, improve sexual performance and reduce odor. You sit over a gentle steam of herbs and relax for 30 minutes.